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The main categories of 2005 Toyota Prius problems are related to the lights, engine, and brake systems. The majority of these complaints relate to the lights system and average about $550 in repairs. The most common problem is with the headlamp bulbs and modules. This problem is often resolved by replacing the bulb or module with a new one. It is also possible to change the bulbs yourself. But keep in mind that a replacement part can be expensive, so it’s worth doing it yourself if you can.

Oil burning is another issue common to the 2005 Prius. It was initially denied by the carmaker, but it was later acknowledged by the Toyota Technical Service Bulletin (TSB). However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore this issue. The best solution is to have your car’s engine replaced. While this is a costly endeavor, it is worth it to ensure your car is working at its peak performance.

While the Prius is known to have engine problems, a majority of users report that they have not encountered these issues. One of the top complaints is oil use, and the second most common is poor acceleration. You may be able to fix this problem by replacing the spark plugs and engine. But if the problem persists, you may have to replace the entire vehicle. If this is not possible, you should seek out help from a trusted mechanic.

Other problems with the 2006 Prius include fuel gauge issues. Drivers often complained that the fuel gauge would give an inaccurate reading, or even work intermittently. The fuel gauge was also inaccurate, with some drivers reporting that the fuel level dipped more quickly than the odometer showed. This can be fixed by a simple recalibration of the lighting control module and the ballast. In most cases, the repair will cost about $320.

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The 2005 Toyota Prius problemsmainly revolve around the fuel gauge. The problem was widespread and affected many owners of the model. Generally, the cost of repairs is $320, while the average repair cost is $520. In some cases, the driver’s floor mat has to be replaced. Moreover, there are other issues involving the lights. The most common one is the fuel gauge. It is prone to malfunctions and may not give the correct reading.


The most common of all Prius problems is the noise of the engine. The noise is caused by a defect in the headlights. The light in the Prius is not bright enough to drive safely at night. The vehicle must have a good source of light. A high-quality headlight will prevent you from having a dangerous situation on the road. If the problem is a transaxle, it is recommended that it be replaced.