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One of the most frustrating aspects of driving a Tesla is realizing that you’re being tracked.

This is especially true when your car shows up in the wrong location on the map, web browser, or on your sim card. While this feature is a great benefit, it is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are ways to turn off Tesla location tracking.Here’s how. Follow these instructions to disable the location tracking on your vehicle.

First, check your phone’s settings.

Most Teslas have a European roaming SIM. If your phone has a Dutch or Spanish SIM, for example, it will appear that it has Internet connectivity for that country. You can force Google to use your country and language settings, which should fix the problem. You’ll need to restart your phone, but it’s worth it. It might be a hassle, but at least you’ll know if you’re being tracked.

If you’ve got an iPhone, you can install the Tesla mobile app on your phone

. This will allow you to send your destination address to your car’s navigation system. You can also use the app to share map locations with others. The Tesla Radar app will not send any specific locations to your phone. You can also download an app called “Tesla Tracking” to disable location tracking. It’s easy to download, too.

Another way to turn off Tesla location tracking is to disable your PIN to drive. After logging into your account, enter your login credentials and proceed with the on-screen prompts. To disable the Sentry Mode, your car will be in a monitoring mode that monitors suspicious activity around it and reacts accordingly. If a threat is detected, cameras on the car will begin recording it. The alarm system will then activate and notify you.

You can disable the PIN to drive.

You can also choose to enter your login credentials in the Tesla app to turn off location tracking. Alternatively, you can turn off location tracking altogether by disabling the “Sentry” mode. This mode monitors suspicious activity in and around your car. When there is a threat, the camera will record it and activate the alarm. You will receive an alert from your Tesla’s mobile application if you’ve been spotted.

The Tesla app allows you to track the location of your car. This is helpful if your car has been stolen. However, the app is not the only feature that tracks your car’s location. The smart Summon feature is a new feature that uses the Autopilot system. This new feature allows you to summon the car from a parked position and let it drive up to 200 feet away from you.