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If the 2023 Toyota Supra is to be built, a manual transmission is likely. Specifically, a six-speed manual transmission will be used. While it is not automatic, the manual version is expected to be faster than the automatic version, as reported by Road and Track. There is no definitive confirmation yet of the manual transmission, but it is almost certainly happening. However, we do know that the manual is going to be available in limited numbers, and will be a much faster car than the automatic.

2023 Toyota Supra will have a manual transmission

The Japanese automaker has been flexing its enthusiast muscle in recent years. It recently unveiled the GR GT3 Concept car in Tokyo and has hinted at returning the MR2 and Celica. Despite this, there is still little chance of a manual Supra hitting US shores. But, this new model may offer a new twist on the Supra. Here are some of the features you can expect from the new manual Supra.

Whether it will be an option for future Supra models is anyone’s guess. Toyota has a history of delivering quality cars at competitive prices, but the latest Supra has been largely unimpressive. While the current Supra is no slouch, it still seems like a worthy competitor. In fact, the Supra is Toyota’s best-selling sports car. And while the car has a reputation for being expensive, it is still the perfect car for enthusiasts.

The upcoming manual Supra will feature unique wheels, a matte white exterior finish, and tan leather on the interior. It will cost a bit more than a standard RZ, starting at 7.313 million yen and beginning at 86,315 yen (US$671,500).

Despite the lack of official confirmation, leaked images have given us a glimpse of how this new car will look in 2023. The Japanese manufacturer has not confirmed whether the Supra will have a manual transmission, but leaked images suggest it may happen in the near future. Production will begin in July and the car will be shipped to dealerships in October 2022. This is a big step forward for enthusiasts of sports cars, but it isn’t a guarantee.

It will be a six-speed

Despite a leaked Toyota press release, the company has not confirmed or denied its plans to produce a six-speed manual version of the Supra. The timeline for this product has been leaked by Creative311 and it indicates that production will begin in July of 2022 in Magna Steyr, Austria and that sales will begin in October of the same year. The six-speed manual will be available in two trim levels, GT and ST.

While there is no confirmation about the exact timing for the introduction of the Supra with a manual transmission, it has been rumored for a long time. The Supra, which shares its engine with the Z4 twins, is currently the only production car in the world without a manual transmission. However, a leak by Imgur indicates that the Supra manual will be available in Japan beginning in 2023.

If the company does produce a manual Supra, it will be a GR model, based on the GR Supra. The GR Supra will feature the same turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine as the Z4 and will have a six-speed manual transmission. This model will be limited to RZ-spec cars and will be sold in limited numbers. In addition, the GR Supra will come with special interiors, exclusive paint, and extra tech.

The next Toyota Supra will be a six-speed manual. The four-cylinder model will remain available with an eight-speed automatic transmission. If the manual version becomes available, the Supra will be a direct competitor of the Nissan Z, which will also be available with a six-speed manual transmission. However, the Supra won’t have adaptive cruise control and reverse autonomous emergency braking, which is available in the Z.

It will be a limited edition

There is a rumor that the new Toyota Supra will come with a manual transmission. This rumor was sparked by images leaked on the Internet. One insider said that the transmission is almost definitely coming, though the exact timing is unknown. However, the upcoming 2023 Supra with a manual transmission is slated to be limited to only 5,000 units. Let’s take a closer look.

When it comes to the Supra’s upcoming future, the car manufacturer has made a bold move. The company is going to make the new model available in two different trim levels: RZ and Premium. As of now, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder option is likely to remain automatic only. The manual-equipped Toyota Supra will also come with a set of unique 19-inch forged alloys.

It is unknown if the Supra will come with a manual transmission, but the upcoming prototype was shown to dealers in Las Vegas last year. According to Creative Trend, pricing for the manual Supra is nearing completion and should be issued to dealers by late March. The Supra’s production will begin in Austria in July. This company is expected to make enough of the cars to supply dealers in October.

According to Creative Trend, the new 2023 Supra will have a six-speed manual. Production of this new model is slated to start in July 2022 and is expected to begin in Japan in October. Production of the 2023 GR Supra will start in July 2022, and deliveries will begin in October. The manual will pair with the Supra’s turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine. Toyota says that this will give the 2023 Supra a direct rival to the Nissan Z.

It will be faster than the automatic version

A new report claims that the Toyota Supra will have a manual transmission by 2023. The publication claims that this model was seen at a dealer preview event in Las Vegas with a prototype manual Supra. Despite the reports, Toyota has declined to comment on the claims. It is unclear what will happen to the Supra in the meantime. However, we can expect a manual Supra to be faster than its automatic counterpart.

The manual transmission will be the first to be offered on a Toyota Supra. The auto will likely remain the fastest choice for many buyers, but Toyota is also expected to bring back the manual version for some models in 2023. According to Drive, the 2023 Toyota Supra will feature a new, hotter GRMN trim. This trim is expected to have a 3.0-liter S58 inline-six engine borrowed from the BMW M3 and would deliver 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. Manual transmissions are also faster than automatics, but it is unclear how much faster the automatic version will be.

The 2023 Toyota Supra will come with a new engine and transmission, as well as a new GRMN trim. The manual transmission will be faster than the automatic version by 2023. The new engine is expected to produce 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. The 2023 Supra will also feature a new GRMN trim and will start production in July of 2023.

The new manual Supra will come with a six-speed manual transmission and will compete with the Nissan Z and the BMW i8. The four-cylinder Supra will remain available with the eight-speed automatic transmission. Toyota will likely offer the manual version of the GR Supra in 2023. If the auto version is a step toward the manual, it will be faster than the automatic version.

It will be more fuel-efficient

The Toyota Supra manual transmission could spark the other car manufacturers to start producing similar models. It might even bring back the manual transmission to sleeper sports cars, like the GR Corolla. This development could also impact the car enthusiast scene. It’s not entirely clear what the implications are. Let’s look at the rumor that the Toyota Supra will get a manual transmission. In 2023, the Supra could be more fuel-efficient and have a hotter GRMN trim.

The Toyota Supra manual transmission could come to the US market as early as 2023. However, it could require engine changes or even a new generation of Supra engines. The BMW Z4 already has a manual transmission, but it’s only available in a few markets. However, it’s unclear whether the Supra will get a manual transmission, or if it will be an optional extra.


The Supra manual transmission will be introduced in 2023, but the model will still be based on the 3.0-liter inline-six engine. Unlike the Z4, the Toyota Supra will have a six-speed manual transmission. That means the car will be more fuel-efficient and will be a more competitive rival to the Nissan Z. The company will produce a limited number of manual Supras, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll be sold in the US.

Despite the rumor, it looks like Toyota is planning to bring back the Supra. The Supra’s fifth-generation shares underpinnings with BMW, which could result in a car that’s more powerful than the previous six-cylinder models. And Toyota may be launching two more Supras in the near future, including a hybrid version. And if this happens, the company will be in a much better position to compete with rivals.