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When looking for a new paramotor, consider the following points: You should decide your goal for flying, and what thrust level you’ll need. Also, consider the type of start you need. Make sure it’s easy to repair if something goes wrong. Consider how much thrust your paramotor needs, and how much weight you’re going to be carrying. Consider the hook in the system and whether or not it’s a self-starting motor, too.


The Scout is one of the best-selling paramotors today, thanks to its CAA certification and advanced features. Scout paramotors can handle up to 15 grams of load, which is appropriate for an average-sized pilot weighing up to 140 kg. This model is also balanced so that it does not require side-mount reserve. All Scout paramotors come with a reserve handle and under-seat compartment, as well as the optional “Light Harness”. The Scout is not usually recommended for front-mount reserves, due to the difficulties associated with water landings.

The Scout is also extremely well-balanced and features three hang point adjustments, which cover pilot weights weighing 120-260 pounds. Over half of Scout pilots fly with zero harness adjustments, which is a big benefit because it eliminates a variety of variables when it comes to safe flight. Furthermore, the Scout comes with a generous warranty policy. Its chassis is covered by a two-year warranty, while the engine comes with a one-year Vittorazi engine warranty. This gives you peace of mind that your paramotor is in good hands.

The Scout carbon fiber paramotor is a world-first in design and innovation. It is one of two models available in the market and has an aluminum frame, carbon fiber cage, and spars. The carbon fiber version is the lighter of the two and weighs just 24KG with the engine. Aside from being beautiful, the Scout is also safe to fly. Its weight shift capability makes it the ideal choice for beginners.

BlackHawk Banshee

The BlackHawk Banshee is a high-performance electric paramotor. It features a 120-pound thrust and a digital display. Its lightweight design is incredibly easy to use and requires virtually no maintenance. This paramotor is also extremely low-cost, which makes it an excellent choice for unplanned flights. It also offers a short charge time of about two hours, and it has a battery life of about a thousand cycles.

The BlackHawk Banshee 190 4-Stroke is a powerful fuel-efficient powerhouse for the skies. Normally priced at $14,995, the Banshee 190 is a solid choice for anyone who wants to experience a new sensation in a thrilling flying experience. However, you can save a considerable amount of money by getting a discount if you are a member of the military, active duty, or in law enforcement. In addition, if you are a member of the Life-saving profession, including emergency medical personnel, you can even get a discount on your BlackHawk paramotor.

If you’re looking for a bigger, more powerful paramotor, you can’t go wrong with the BlackHawk Talon 3.0 190. It has the same impressive fuel stats as the Banshee 190, but it’s built for longer flights. The 3.2-gallon fuel tank allows the BlackHawk Intruder to stay in the air for two to three hours without a quad.

The Banshee 190 has a two-year warranty. This warranty covers the frame, gas tank, throttle, and cage. The only things that are not covered by the warranty are an improper use of the paraglider or carburetor adjustments. You’ll also have to take proper care of your motor if you’re planning to use it for commercial flights. If you’re new to paragliding, this motor is perfect for your first flight!

Intruder 250 EFI 4-Stroke

The BlackHawk Intruder 250 EFI 4-Stroke Paramotor is an excellent option for pilots looking for a long-distance flight. With an electric fuel injection system and self-regulation, this 4-stroke motor offers great cross-country performance and is suitable for long-distance racing. This paramotor will need an oil change every 25 hours and a complete rebuild of the engine after 500 hours of use.

The Intruder 250 EFI 4-Stroke features Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), which monitors air density and automatically adjusts the carburetor for optimal fuel efficiency. The EFI system also drastically increases fuel efficiency, ensuring that the motor runs smoothly for longer. Water cooling means that it will operate efficiently even if the engine experiences excessive heat during extended use. Its compact size makes it easier to transport than other paramotors.

The INTRUDER 250 EFI 4-Stroke is equipped with a timing chain for easy start-up. All parts of the motor are lubricated by needle and roller bearings. A diaphragm oil pump is integrated into the motor. The INTRUDER achieves an average running temperature of 168-218°F at level flight, which is considerably lower than the 380-500°F found in 2-stroke motors. It is recommended to rebuild the motor after 500 hours of use to maintain peak performance.

The Intruder 250 EFI 4-Stroke is a great option for experienced pilots. It weighs approximately 54 pounds and can produce approximately 175 lbs of thrust. Its fuel tank holds 3.2 gallons and is reusable with the tribe. It will fly for up to three hours and can carry a pilot up to 250 pounds. There are a lot of good options available in this range, but only a few are right for you.


The Minari has been designed with pilot comfort in mind. It has a comfortable harness and high hang point j-bar system. It also comes with zippered pockets and a Stuff Sack for storing your gear. This paramotor is great for the pilot who is over 210 pounds and is flying at high altitudes. It also works well for Tandem Instructors. Lastly, the Minari is available in a wide range of colors.

The Minari Paramotor engine features a 180cc or 200cc engine and produces 73kg to 80kg of thrust, depending on the model. It is designed with an easy flash starter and is made to exacting standards. The engine’s cylinder is made of aluminum alloy Galsi 9 and features diamond-profiled pistons. The crankshaft is forged steel and finished to the highest standards. The exhaust system is well sectioned and supports the weight of the pilot.

The Minari is one of the smallest powered paramotors on the market. It features a smart bar attachment that allows you to fly at a higher speed than before. Its price is affordable, but it does have some drawbacks. Despite its high price tag, the Minari is the best paramotor for the beginner or experienced flier. In addition to its lightweight and low price, this lightweight paramotor is very durable and is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate pilots.

The Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus is a powerful choice for the more sporty user. With a 25-horsepower motor, this machine provides enough thrust for adventurous and athletic maneuvers. Both electric and manual versions are available. The Parajet Maverick fuel tank provides double the flying range of the other two models, and its fuel tank is optimized for enhanced performance. A lightweight and comfortable harness also help make the Minari a great choice.